Good Morning

Good Morning is a self-published picturebook within the contemporary art research project Exploradores del mundo. The edition consist in two copies.


Good Morning is a multisensorial story about dawn in a forest. While reading, the main scene starred by a group of birds, breaks down in a puzzle of full and empty shapes where the sunbeams pass through.

In 2014 Good Morning was exhibited at the I Bienal del Libro de Artista – Museo Casa Carnacini, in Buenos Aires. It belongs to the permanent collection of the Archivio di Libri Artistici per Bambini Ò.P.L.A. in Merano, at the Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol, Italy.

Good morning, 2012
5 pages, 18×18 cm.
Craft papers, four-flap binding
Die cut softcover (box)