Eskola Agenda 2019/2020

The  Eskola Agenda was a publication coordinated through Maraka studio and designed by Ojobuey studio. This scholar agenda is a project for middle and high school students at the community of the Valle de Arratia, located at the Basque Country, Spain.


My creative collaboration in the Eskola Agenda 2019/2020 was through the original creation and execution of all the illustrated images displayed on the publication. Each year, the topic of the agenda is a brand-new idea suggested by the teachers from the educative centres. In this 2019/2020 academic year the agenda focused on Basque music through the exploration of this issue along each different historical province of Euskal Herria.

Eskola Agenda 2019/2020, 2019
21×15 cm. Offset printing, spiral binding, softcover.
Pastel, marker, gouache and pencil original artwork on paper / Digital